Food is Love
...and love is food. So why not have a snack? A few favorite recipes to enjoy.

Massaged Like a Chicken

Sometimes, my chicken is massaged & cared for over a 24 hour period better than I've ever been.... Let this be a lesson: step away from the stove & go get nurtured. But first, make this chicken. Delicious!

Peruvian Chicken

Don't forget Dessert: Biscotti as Bribery

Have I brought fresh batches of these to my favorite doctors' offices in mason jars adorned with velvet ribbons? Might've happened....

Food & Wine

Baker Beware!

The last friend I gave this recipe to said she ate her body weight in cookies after making her first batch. Bake at your own risk...

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Air Fryer Addict

I'm not ashamed to admit it. I like my air fryer more than I like a lot of people. Too harsh? Try this chicken.

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